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About us

 Rib Falls Waterjet, Inc. was established in 2016 by Scott Pietrowski. Scott has an associate degree in Civil Engineering and 30 years experience in the construction and manufacturing industries.  

CNC Waterjet Machining

 Send us your design and we can cut to your exact specifications using our precision CNC capabilities.  We use a state of the art, industry leading Flow waterjet that is fully maintained for maximum throughput and tolerance control.
Our waterjet uses abrasive sand and water to cut materials with a cleanness that plasma cutters cannot.


 We can work with materials you provide or work with a range of suppliers to find the materials you need, including aluminum, stainless steel, wood, copper, brass, fiberglass, titanium, foam, and many more!

CNC Press Brake Metal Forming Services

250 ton CNC Press Brake with 13 foot table for metal forming services. Capable of forming sheets to a variety of specifications. 

Pick up and Delivery Available

Call for pickup and delivery rates 

Metal Fabrication

Stainless Steel and Aluminum Fabrication is available on site.

Our Customers


Who are some of our customers?

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Dairy Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Defense Industry
  • Municipalities
  • Private Individuals